Business Sponsorship Sales

Sponsorship Sales – For Business Operations and Programs:

We also provide sponsorship sales for your regular business operations and programs, where the sponsorships are not tied to a specific event. We can help you develop and sell sponsorships that give your sponsors powerful ways to market to your customers, clients or members. See BUSINESS SPONSORSHIPS AND PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP SALES for more information


Business and Program Sponsorships:

The Right Corporate Sponsorship and Company Sponsorship Every Time

In addition to Events, Peps Inc. also provides Business Sponsorship Sales and Program Sponsorship Sales.  This work can take many forms, but the key is that it is NOT tied to any event. Such sponsorships are based on the fact that marketers are interested in finding new marketing channels for reach organization members or company customers. Very often the organization or company can provide a trusted and effective marketing channel to those groups. In all cases, this works best when the members or customers are a “narrowcast” target with a specific affinity. For example, the audience could be groups of physicians, college or high school football coaches, public health officials, chemists, police officers, seniors etc. The higher the affinity the more attractive the group is to marketers, because the marketing is highly targeted and can be highly efficient.


  • We’ll develop the right company sponsorship or sponsorships to match the marketing interests of your key business partners.
  • We’ll develop a corporate sponsorship that makes a very attractive offer to your customers or members..


Benefits of Outsourcing Sponsorship Sales:

What are the benefits of outsourcing your sponsorship sales? Just one is expanding the reach of your event. There are many more. For more information, see BENEFITS.



Benefits of Outsourcing the Development and Selling of Your Sponsorships

By outsourcing your Sponsorship Sales, you gain a range of valuable benefits:


  • Success Through Persistent Selling Effort.  Corporate Sponsors rarely will call you, rarely will return calls, and rarely will act unless you call them and ask. We politely, but continually, call and ask for sponsorship support—explaining our benefits and the marketing advantages to be achieved. If there is no decision yet, we ask when we should call back. And we call when we say we will. We call until we are given a definite yes or no.
  • Expand the Reach of Your Event.  Find corporate sponsors you may have overlooked. We work to grow your event by analyzing the sponsorships of similar events, identifying sponsors that may not know about you or your event. We then go after them.
  • Develop Intelligent Sponsorship Packages.  We help you develop intelligent sponsorship packages that work. Not every sponsorship sells. We know how to build on your event or marketing program by crafting sponsorships and sponsorship packages that enhance and improve the event. And, we help price them right.
  • Increase Speed of Cash Collection.  We make sales of your sponsorships priority, and that means we often sign up sponsors before you would if done in house. You collect the sponsorship revenues faster, improving cash flow.
  • Pay More Attention to Key Sponsors.  As new corporate sponsors commit, and after they have committed, the like to be appreciated well-managed.  We have the time to do that, while your staff may not.  Making them feel special makes them more loyal when renewal time comes.


Should You Outsource?

Why do so many companies and member organizations outsource their sponsorship sales? Should you outsource or do it in house? What are the key decision factors? For more information, see SHOULD YOU OUTSOURCE?

Selected Clients

Hiring Sponsorship Sales People Works!

Our sponsorship sales clients below have boosted their sponsorship sales dramatically with our help. Isn’t it time you tried hiring a dedicated sponsor sales team?

Selected Sponsorship Sales Clients…

In our board of director’s years of history, we have sold sponsorships for these and other clients:

  • National Association of County and City Health Officials
  • Association of State and Territory Health Officials
  • ThinkTalk Networks, Inc.
  • PHIN-Public Health Informatics Network Conference
  • Glazier Clinics
  • FAA Managers Association
  • FAA Competition for the Sky Conference
  • Public Health Preparedness Summit
  • NHCFAE-National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees



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