Event Sponsorship Sales

We specialize in Event Sponsorship Sales.

We act as your sponsorship sales department to sell sponsorship packages for your events, conferences, festivals, concerts, shows and Carnaval. We also often provide exhibit sales for these events. We provide these services for events that have the following general characteristics:

  • You require event sponsorship assistance for an event that is Business-to-Business; which is, the people attending to represent their businesses. Business-to-Business Sponsorship Sales are one of our specialties. We develop sponsorships and sponsorship packages that satisfy certain marketing objectives of your key sponsors.
  • The event for which you require sponsorship assistance is at least six months or more away or may be multiple events over a one year period.
  • The event has a total sponsorship financial target of at least $50,000 (or there are multiple events with these demographics).
  • The event is not a first time event that it has some history (eg) past vendors, past sponsors, and past sponsorship packages sold. Sponsors care about history, and are generally less interested in new events. (To learn more about what sponsors care about please contact one of our representative.

Sponsorship Sales Pricing, Fees & Commissions

First we will enter into a written agreement covering each party’s duties and our method of sponsorship sales pricing and fees. Compensation is based on both commissions earned from sponsorships sold, and modest up-front fees. The commission rate is a function of the total dollars to be raised for the event and the sponsorship amount. The greater the total amount of expected sponsorship sales, the lower the effective commission rate. We also generally charge a modest, up-front fee to cover the extensive start-up work each project requires. This fee is then treated as a commission advance. That is, as commissions are earned, the fee is paid back.

What If Some of the Sponsorship Sales Are Already in Process?

Suppose in the past you have been selling sponsorships yourself. Now you are considering outsourcing the whole project, but don’t want to pay sizable commissions on work you have already done, or on past sponsors who will surely renew.

This is the case with some of our clients. So we structure compensation packages that pay a sliding scale of commission rates based on how much work has already been done and how much effort is required by us. You should pay less for less effort on our part, and more for more effort on our part–like bringing in a new sponsor. This creates a win-win agreement, and one that provides us with incentives to work hard to expand total sponsorship dollars raised.

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