Outsourced Sponsorship Sales & Marketing

Outsourced Sponsorship Sales and Sponsorship Marketing

Our Focus: Business-to-Business Sponsorship Development

At Peps Inc., our primary focus is outsourced sponsorship sales for business-to-business events and marketing programs, that is, sponsorship sales for events and programs where the people participating represent their businesses. We only rarely do business-to-consumer sponsorship sales. For an explanation of the differences, go to SHOULD YOU OUTSOURCE?

Should You Outsource?

There are three questions you should ask regarding your decision to outsource your sponsorship sales:

Question 1: Should you outsource to maximize your sponsorship opportunities?

  • Do you believe you can do a better job developing a sponsorship or sponsorship packages, and then pricing and marketing them, than can sponsorship companies that specialize and do nothing else?
  • Does your team understand what makes up a good sponsorship? Do they understand how to maximize sponsorship opportunities? Which sponsorships really work? Which don’t?
  • Is your sponsorship sales program significant enough to dedicate an entire person or department to it full time? Is it ongoing for the entire year?
  • Do you have the time or resources to become expert at developing sponsorship opportunities, and then pricing and marketing those sponsorships?

 If the answer to one or more of these questions is “no”, you should outsource your sponsorship sales!

Question 2: Are your Sponsorships Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer?

While most sponsorship companies focus on business-to-consumer projects, At Peps Inc., our primary focus is business-to-business sponsorship sales. This means events and programs where the people participating represent their businesses. (e.g. physicians at a medical event). With Business-to-Consumer sponsorships, the people involved are consumers representing themselves. (e.g the people at a music festival for example) Our primary focus is Business-to-Business sponsorship sales.

Question 3:

Will your project be Attractive to sponsors?

PLEASE LEARN MORE! For B2B event sponsorships, we offer a White Paper to help you understand the attractiveness of your event to sponsors. Peps Inc., understands what sponsors like and do not like. It will be helpful if you understand what is important to sponsors as well. Just fill out the form below, then click SUBMIT to get a link to our White Paper answering this question.

White Paper Request

Just give us a little information below, then click SUBMIT, and we will activate the above link to our White Paper. We will never share your email address with anyone else. Please make sure to enter your First and Last name, company name, and your return email address in the fields provided, and then click SUBMIT.

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