Sponsorship Sales and Services

Sponsorship Sales and Services:

Our experienced team will advise and assist in the implementation of proactive strategies to enhance sponsor relationships by developing customized sponsorship packages. We perform a comprehensive set of services related to sponsorship sales.  This includes the following, and other tasks:

  • We first help you decide what sponsorships to offer. What should be in the sponsorship proposal? Should there be event sponsorship packages? How do the packages compare?
  • We help you set the price of sponsorship. This is a key area where many companies and organizations lack experience. Some price the event sponsorship packages and corporate sponsorships too high; while others may price them too low. Some think (incorrectly!) that sponsorship pricing should be matched to the cost of providing the sponsorship. We will guide you with our experience and expertise.
  • We help you develop the sponsorship proposal, which is also called the prospectus. This is a written marketing document that summarizes your sponsorship opportunities, and is sent to sponsorship candidates. (This document is very important.) It is distributed electronically to prospects.
  • We ask for all your past sponsorship information, past exhibitors, past sponsors, past sponsor candidates, etc.  We then use that information to start development of a target database.
  • We then expand that database by researching similar events, similar companies or organizations to yours; in order to see which sponsors they have.  Such information is often prominently displayed on competitors’ websites!
  • We provide periodic sponsorship sales progress reports in writing or verbally, at your request.
  • We provide recommendations on re-pricing, up or down, if certain event sponsorship packages are not selling, or are selling to easily. We make heavy use of the telephone and face to face appointments in our sponsorship selling.  Emails are not enough.

Premiere Event and Promotion Services Inc.(PEPS, Inc.)

Is a family friendly site, and we DO NOT accept or allow the following types of sites into our program: Gambling, Adult Content (porn, soft porn, sites with adult ad’s), Pharmacy (Cheap drugs, Viagra, male/female enhancement, etc.), Hate, Link Farms or Spam Sites. If you sell any of these products and we find out, we will cancel any affiliation and or membership we may offer without hesitation. We do not need to explain our decision or reasons if we reject or cancel any membership.

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