• Understanding the Internet SEO

  • SEO- (Search Engine Optimization)
    Seo - Search Engine Optimization deals with websites to get good rankings in search engines and help process people, business for their search.

    SMO (Social Media Optimization)
    Smo- Social Media Optimization is one of the internet marketing services marketers and promoters use to share their products or details about there promotions to people and companies using the popular social media platforms throughout the internet which build up following.

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing
    SEM is simply key and a part of the search engine optimization system and also is part of search engine marketing or Search marketing as it is widely known. Both processes aim in increasing visibility in all the different search engines throughout the world. SEO is about optimizing searches while SEM focuses on how the engine can optimize the market that your searching for or starting from scratch depending on how strong your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tiers are...the more tiers the stronger your search terms and keywords will be.

    WSO (Website Optimization) or (Web Speed Optimization)
    WSO focuses on the optimization of on-page elements of a website only, eg. Metadata, navigation, content structure, internal hyperlinking and proper calls to action. SEO incorporates WSO and extends the process include back linking, article publishing, local directory profile management and social media

    WSO is the actual optimization of the ON-PAGE or pages of your site ONLY such as the different types of elements, backlinks, hyperlinks, the proper function of website itself, metadata,  tagging and basic content formats witch creates the structure of the  as website which in "drip-feeds" into the SEO agurythym that has been put in place. SEO and WSO also consists of indexing,  bookmarking, reputation,  article directories as well as article publishing's such as what you find on popular press release sites

    All of the above are essential and are key infrastructure that make a website,  product or company rank with a substantial amount of advertising tiers that will create numerous ways to sell or market your product, service or business creating a barrier for any competition that might come across. Studying the sbove acronyms and knowing what each means could be the reason why either one is successful online or if a individual is not.