For Children at the Festival

The producers of the 2018 Haitian heritage Festival truly known the importance of our community and we recognize that the real winners are not found in Hollywood. They are in the homes, classrooms, computer labs, dance studios, community centers, churches, gyms, club houses and scout meetings. They can also be spotted on the basketball courts, school play grounds, football, baseball, tracks and soccer fields. That’s right; we’re talking about our youth.

The “Haitian Heritage Festival” is proud of the accomplishments of our children and those involved in making life better through athletic programs, education, religion, and community out-reach groups dedicated to improving the quality of life for the children in our community. With that in mind, we are happy to present “Family-Friendly Sunday” on May 27th during the Haitian Heritage Festival. This is the day we invite families and youth groups around the Los Angeles like: soccer teams, gymnastic group, karate clubs, scout troops, dance academies, track clubs, and little league football, baseball and basketball teams to enjoy any spectacular attractions offered to them at a during our Haitian Heritage Festival. Yes, it’s true, we have created festival designated to families and youth groups ages 6-14 to take part in an event dedicated to them.

Now I ask you, what child can resist delicious cotton candy, ice cream, snow cones, popcorn, candy apples, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, desserts, and fresh squeezed lemonade? Children can also enjoy attractions like: face painters, balloon artist, music, dance, arts and crafts. This is a day we celebrate the family and all of the wonderful organizations working diligently with children through sports, academics, religion and programs that are preparing them for life. We agree, it does start at home and ends with a village assisting in the rearing of our children. This celebration pays tribute to the children in our community by presenting an event where they can enjoy a safe supervised atmosphere filled with food, excitement and all around fun.