Sponsorship Sales

Sponsorship Sales – For Events

Peps Inc. performs sponsorship sales for your events, conferences, and conventions. This is our primary business. Services offered include selling sponsorships for the event, and often also selling exhibits for these events. We know which sponsorship works, and which does not. We act as your dedicated sales department, and use our professional selling methods to maximize sponsorship (and exhibit) dollars for your event. We provide these services to non-profits, as well as for profit companies. See EVENT SPONSORSHIP SALES for more information.


Event Sponsorship Sales

We Specialize in Event Sponsorship Sales

Peps Inc. specializes in Event Sponsorship Sales. We act as your sponsorship sales department to sell sponsorship packages for your events, conferences and conventions. We also often provide exhibit sales for these events. We provide these services for events that have the following general characteristics:


  • You require Event Sponsorship assistance for an Event that is Business-to-Business. That is, the people attending represent their businesses. Business-to-Business Sponsorship Sales are our specialty. We develop Sponsorships and sponsorship packages that satisfy certain marketing objectives of your key corporate sponsors.
  • The Event for which you require Event Sponsorship assistance is at least six months or more away.  Or, there may be multiple events over a one year period.
  • The Event has a total sponsorship financial target of at least $50,000 and up (or there are multiple events with this aggregate target).
  • The Event is not a first time event. That is, it has some history…past exhibitors, past sponsors, and past sponsorship packages sold. Sponsors care about history, and are generally less interested in new events. (To learn more about what sponsors care about, go to SHOULD YOU OUTSOURCE, and download the White Paper).

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